Review: Dell Latitude 10

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The Dell Windows 8-based Latitude 10 is built to appeal to the business market. With all day battery life, pen support and ability to offer a docked computing experience, could this be an office hit?

Review: SolarWinds Patch Manager

News Staff · with 11 comments

In the last review in our series taking a look at SolarWinds, we're giving our impressions on SolarWinds' Patch Manager: a great piece of software that helps you deploy patches to your network.

Review: SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

News Staff · with 8 comments

Managing security issues and keeping network performance at its best is time consuming, but with SolarWinds LEM it got a whole lot easier to deal with thanks to solid reporting tools and automation

Review: SolarWinds Storage Manager

News Staff · with 4 comments

Managing your large storage set-ups in an enterprise environment can be tedious; luckily there is SolarWinds feature-filled Storage Manager to make the whole process much easier for you


Windows Embedded POSReady 7 now available

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Businesses depend on devices that interact with users. The retail and hospitality industries rely on Point-of-Service (POS) devices to communicate with customers and provide a unique experience. These devices include digital signage, cash registers, kiosks,...

HP Discover: Third day roundup

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The third day of HP Discover has officially wrapped and today's focus was clearly on unseating Oracle in the enterprise. As such, we saw a presentation on migrating from the Sun/Oracle SPARC architecture to HP's...

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