Hands on: HP Envy X2

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There's over 1000 Windows 8 devices out there, so it can be hard to make a choice. HP's offering -- the Envy X2 -- is a formidable one that brings the companies newfound designs to the slate.

Stardock hopes to cure Tiger/Longhorn envy

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Stardock is hoping that its release of Object Desktop 2005 will help assuage some of the angst some Windows users have expressed feeling since Apple's recent release of "Tiger". This year's version of Object...

How to make g33ks gr33n with envy

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Once a million dollar vector-parallel supercomputer for research projects at the Australian National University, this Fujitsu VPP300 is now being auctioned off at eBay. With 13 143MHz vector processors, a fast crossbar interconnect...


Dell hopes PC buyers get LCD envy

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Dell on Tuesday announced the release of its first 19-inch LCD (liquid crystal display), the 1900FP, which is selling for $1,299. Dell's strategy of selling flat-panel monitors is aimed at improving margins...

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