Password Safe 3.36

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Password Safe is a password database utility. Users can keep their passwords securely encrypted on their computers. A single Safe Combination unlocks them all.


VIPRE Password Vault

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From military-grade encryption technology to automatic login functionality, VIPRE Password Vault keeps your information safe and secure across Windows, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

1.5M Facebook accounts up for sale

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Computerworld reports that 1.5 million facebook accounts are up for sale by a hacker going by the moniker Kirllos. To be clear, that's .3% of the estimated 400 million total registered Facebook accounts. VeriSign's iDefense...

Security Glitch Exposes OS X Account Passwords

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Apple has confirmed a security glitch that, in many situations, will let someone with physical access to a Macintosh computer gain access to the password of the active user account. The vulnerability arises out of...

Google can crack passwords

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A clever bloke into security research at the University of Cambridge computer lab wrote in his bog last Friday that he's discovered Google works as a password MD5 hash cracker. Someone had hacked into his...

VeriSign to offer passwords on bank card

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A leading provider of digital-security services wants to make disposable passwords easier for consumers to accept by squeezing the technology into the corner of a regular credit or ATM card. Fran Rosch, vice president for...

Gmail, Yahoo, MSN Passwords Exposed By Entertainment Site

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Los Angeles Splash Magazines Worldwide, which publishes local versions of its magazines under URLs like and, has exposed the personal e-mail addresses and passwords for hundreds of its subscribers. The list of e-mail...

Trojan Snags World Of Warcraft Passwords

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Attackers hope to take over users' accounts, then make money by selling the players' in-game goods, such as weapons. A new password-stealing Trojan targeting players of the popular online game "World of Warcraft"...

Microsoft to abandon passwords

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Microsoft has revealed at a security panel at CeBIT that it is preparing to dump passwords in favour of two-factor authentication in forthcoming versions of Windows. Detlef Eckert, the senior director in charge of Microsoft's...

Gates: Passwords passe

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Passwords will soon be a thing of the past, replaced by biometric and smart-card technology, Bill Gates reiterated on Tuesday. Speaking at the Microsoft IT Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Microsoft chair...

Windows Passwords Chat

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Passwords have been used since early computing to protect user accounts and sensitive data. Undoubtedly, your company has a password policy and some enforcement of that policy. However, most people have no idea what happens...

Pop-up program reads keystrokes, steals passwords

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Today security researchers have discovered a new malware that affects Internet Explorer. This new malware targets bank customer's information. This program copies keystrokes to steal user's passwords from over 50 target online banking...

Tests to uproot Windows passwords begin

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Microsoft and RSA Security on Wednesday started beta testing a product designed to phase out the use of traditional passwords and replace them with automatically generated passwords from a SecurID token. SecurID...

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