$25 Raspberry Pi PC nears launch

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In a world of dual-core smartphones and turbo-powered tablets, the idea of a tiny 700MHz PC with 128MB of RAM might sound mad. But the new $25 computer may just make sense in the right context.


Ubuntu 11.10 released

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The beta tag has been torn off, and Ubuntu 11.10 is ready to download. New features include a restructured Unity interface, a redesigned Software Centre, and an improved dash for easy music access.


Raspberry Pi: The $25 USB key-sized computer

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It's yet another initiative to build low power, portable, and affordable computers for educational purposes, especially in the developing world. Previous attempts have not seen widespread success, such as the One Laptop Per Child initiative....


Ubuntu 11.04 Released

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For those of you watching Ubuntu's website recently, you may have noticed a new version of the popular and easy to use Linux distribution has surfaced. It can be downloaded from the previously linked site...


Ubuntu to use Unity as default desktop system

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Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu's founding father, made a surprising announcement at the Ubuntu Developers Summit yesterday. Shuttleworth stated that starting with Ubuntu version 11.04, the primary desktop would be Unity rather than Gnome. Shuttleworth said, "users...


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat released

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Every April and October, Ubuntu issues a new release of their operating system, with an interesting code name. Today Ubuntu released their next major version, codenamed "Maverick Meerkat", which just so happened to be released...


Ubuntu to drop Firefox for Chrome?

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According to Ubergizmo, Canonical seems to be looking into the possibility of dropping Mozilla Firefox in their upcoming Netbook Edition of the world's most popular Linux distro, Ubuntu. In its place Canonical will use Google's...

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