MasterSeeker 1.5

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MasterSeeker states a revolutionary standard in the world of searching files in a PC and reaches speeds you never thought you PC can reach by using unique technique that uses your PC optimally.


Bing search volume drops 4%

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Microsoft's search underdog, Bing, reportedly saw a 4% drop in search volume during July, on the heels of the search engine's social update and gains made the month before.


Baidu experiences growth in third quarter

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China's largest search engine, Baidu, has experienced an unexpected growth in its strength during the third quarter of 2011. Baidu has recently focused more on providing e-commerce and videos, which seems to have struck home...

Google Instant Previews now available

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Last month, Neowin reported that Google was testing Instant Previews to go along with Instant Search results, but today they have finally unveiled it for everybody. Google Instant Preview is combined with Instant Search to give...

Bing up 51% in the past 12 months

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Microsoft launched back on June 1, 2009, which replaced their existing Live Search. The young search engine, or proclaimed decision engine, is only a fresh 14 months old, but has managed to jump 51%...


What the Vark! Google acquires Aardvark

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Today Google announced that they will be acquiring Aardvark, an online social search that provides user responses, instead of search engine results. The social search promises to return human responses for your questions within...


Yahoo! and Microsoft finalize search deal

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Yahoo! and Microsoft announced today that they have finalized their search deal that will replace the existing Yahoo! search engine, and implement Microsoft's Bing search engine. The press release by Yahoo! and Microsoft confirmed...

Bing launches in the UK

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Today a new search engine for the UK has been thrown into the mix. Microsoft's Bing UK, following a period of trial and continued in-depth analysis of consumer usage and behaviour, has been put through...


Bing gains market share

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Microsoft's new search engine, Bing, has managed to take the third spot in the top search providers for August 2009. Bing was launched back in May 2009 and has managed to snatch 10.7% market...

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