This fan made Windows Phone commercial is fantastic, ready for the big screen

Microsoft has a lot of fans and even Windows Phone, with its small market share, still has a dedicated user base who loves their devices. The video you see above is a fan made Windows Phone advertisement that its well executed and is able to entertain as well as inform.

The commercial highlights key apps and shows off some of Windows Phone's unique features like Cortana, Pureview, live tiles and a bunch more. While this may be a fan made concept, it does show one direction Microsoft could take with its advertising campaigns to create unique videos that are able to capture the minds (and hopefully hearts) of consumers.

The video has a Nokia vibe to it with bright colors, catchy music and of course Lumias being shown too.

Of course, Microsoft has put out a new commercial earlier this week that puts Cortana up against Siri. As you would expect in that video, Cortana bests Siri thanks to its rapid roll-out of features that are being delivered twice a month.

Source: Vimeo

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simplezz said,

I noticed that as well. I prefer the Apple version. The music is much mellower.
Well you're comparing a fan video made by a 14yo testing out his Adobe Aftereffects skills to an Apple commercial produced by an ad agency. I'd say it's better than most professional ads out there.

I'm highly inclined to agree. I don't know why anyone would find that "enjoyable", but maybe that's just me. If it had a different track, it'd be a lot nicer.

Music..ick. And just seemed to be a bunch of random shots of the OS played with music and that annoying animation. I like the new MS ads...leave it to them.

I don't know, I really like it. It felt like it had the flair and wow factor of the dancing Surface ads, but was simple and pretty enough to just show off a few features in a really modern way. The colors and transitions are key. Even if the ad doesn't "show a lot," it was still pleasant to watch in its own right.

/shrug To each his own.

Doesn't do anything for me personally and I already love Windows Phone. I found the music annoying and the only thing I really remember was the claim Windows Phone is lame, which is something I've never even heard uttered in real life.

Windows Phones problem is more being invisible than being despised.

Tip - Don't start a commercial for your product insinuating that your product is viewed as lame already. Also don't use annoying music in it, and try to show\explain features of your product that are useful and innovative. I saw none of that in this video, at least that would be obvious to someone not already familiar with the product.
Thumbs down, nice try though.

You do realise it is a fan created video right? I ask because you say "your" several times in your critique, inferring that MS made this video. This leads me to believe you don't know how to read.

Yup, well aware of that. Your, as in the product one is pitching, doesn't matter who is doing the pitching, this leads me to believe you don't know how to read either.

knighthawk said,
Yup, well aware of that. Your, as in the product one is pitching, doesn't matter who is doing the pitching, this leads me to believe you don't know how to read either.

If you want to use a pronoun to refer to the product as opposed to the presenter you would use "its" and not "your". Many good community colleges offer courses in English language writing these days.

Yours sincerely,
The Grammar Police

Yep it's cool. It definitely shows off how unique the Windows Phone UI is, at the cost of showing anything else that's different from the compeition.

I seriously actually got the sense that I had to vomit because of all the quick color changing. Caused me nausea.

Neowin should post a warning :)

The video was awesome, the music was upbeat and got your attention. Microsoft needs to hire this fan due to the fact that his ad was a lot better than the sh** they pay ad agencies for. Microsoft needs a new younger image to go along with their corporate uptight side. There is a new generation coming up and they tend to like the new, younger, "hip" yeah I said hip...stuff. After all the guy that made this ad is under 18.

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