Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 is now available

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2 is available for testers, extension developers, and other people who are curious to follow the development of the next release of Thunderbird. This milestone is focused on testing the core functionality of the new features and platform changes that will be included in Thunderbird 3.

News source: Mozilla Messaging

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Epic Epic Fail! I have been using TB for many years now and this is the worst version upgrade I have ever seen. We have waited this long for a 2nd beta and all we get are a few features and bug fixes? I dont usually comment on these things, but this one really bites. When are the developers going to fix the address book so we have basic features like most other email clients. IMO this is a 2.x update not a 3.0. I guess its time to move on to another client with updated *features*.

warwagon said,
Whats missing? I can check my email so i'm happy.

If you are just checking your email, then im sure you are very happy. But I would like to see more features in my address book because that is an area that I use a lot. First off, try to create a new list... you cannot even select users or select from another list. You have to type in each one. No Picture field in the cards... Basically the address book has been the same since 2.0.

I am getting bored with Thunderbird, starting to use windows live mail more.

Though I tried beta version 3 and it was nicer than Thunderbird v2.0.0.19

Vertical View layout still sucks like in v2. The middle section where the emails are needs to have two lines per email, like it is in Outlook. That way you have more room to display the subject, sender, date, etc.

Seems a bit wierd. Quite decent on the layout but theres incredibly wierd blank popup boxes and tabs everywhere. Tried it on a virtual machine, it seems pretty decent but is not near finished yet.

Interesting. I have been running it for a day now and looks better than ever to me (on osx). Between the linux box (TB 2.x) and the Mac Book Pro (TB 3b2), TB3b2 seems a lot smoother to me. Haven't seen any weird popups yet, but could be speaking too soon. Is there a way to reproduce the popups on your side?

I'm interested in what cosmetic changes there are, but i cannot seem to locate any screenshots. guess i'll give it a try later.

Over 340 changes, but they only list 3 as notable changes so not much in the way of new features???

Having said that I quite like Thunderbird but wished they'd document extension development.