Tiles 1.0

Stardock has released Tiles 1.0, which is a new navigation utility for Windows. Tiles places a side-bar on your Windows desktop that lets PC users organize active programs, application, and documents. Labels or "Pages" let users drag and drop applications, website URLs, documents, etc. onto Tiles which then appears as an icon when inactive and as a live preview tile when active. Tiles lets users customize the pages so only certain windows or apps are displayed, and there are a variety of other options letting users change everything from the size and location of Tiles, to selecting your own background image, and more.

Tiles is also customizable as users can choose from a variety of skins, and more can be downloaded from WinCustomize.com. A skin editor is also included so users can create their own customize skins if desired. Tiles is a free applications and users have the option to upgrade to more enhanced features such assupport for custom pages, taskbar options, and additional customization.

Download:Tiles 1.0 | 10 MB Free, $9.95 Enhanced version
View: Tiles Website

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If I can offer one piece of advice to fellow Neowin members it must be this - Don't purchase Stardock software until it meets all of your specifications. I purchased Fences and at the time they promised a whole load of features to paying customers, none of them ever came about and they just moved onto something else. They truly represent the type of internet company that the general public percieve and give others a bad name.

Yea, I mean I have never used this program before so I dont really know much about it. But why would anyone pay for something like this? To me, that doesnt even do anything extra or entice me in anyway.