Torch Browser

Torch is a free and unique software that offers you powerful browsing together with built-in media downloading and sharing features. Torch Browser is based on the Chromium technology platform, giving it fast browsing capabilities. With Torch, you can share sites you like, download torrents, accelerate downloads and grab videos - all directly from the browser. Everything you need is a just click away with Torch, so you don't have to use or download additional programs and tools.

Since it is based on the Chromium source code, Torch is as fast as the new generation of browsers. Torch offers you super browsing experience with its strong and fast search capabilities. With Torch, you will get broad, relevant and accurate search results in no time, combined with browsing features and winning add-ons that you already like and are familiar with from other Chromium-based browsers.

What unique features does Torch offer?

  • Built-in Torrent - with Torch, downloading and managing torrents is easy. You download torrents directly from the browser without having to download additional software.
  • Video Grabber - Torch lets you easily save web videos from virtually any site you go to. Torch's video grabber is integrated into the browser and supports a broad range of file types, so once you find a web video you want to save, you can easily grab and save it without having to use external programs, converters or extensions.
  • Easy Sharing - Share sites, videos, songs and search results with your friends on Facebook.
  • Download Accelerator - (Coming soon) Speed up the download rate of your media files with a powerful download accelerator that is integrated into Torch. Torch's accelerator downloads your files in optimal speed and works directly from your browser.

Download: Torch Browser | 1.1 MB (Freeware)
Screenshot: >>Click Here<<
View: Torch Browser Website | Torch Browser Features

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Hey guys, I don't know what you're talking about, the download worked fine for me and I started using it a couple of minutes after that. Other than that, torrents is not a bad word and practically everybody uses this kind of stuff. I think torch is great, especially downloading torrents, songs and vids, but of course you don't have to agree with me

So the new "thing" is that now we have yet another Chromium clone - this one focuses on (illegal, BTW) downloads from sites like YouTube and torrents, and then we have browsers like Rockmelt which (quite poorly) add social networks into the guts of the browser...

Anyone remember Firefox clones just like these? Wyzo for example?

Not a fan of anything Chrome related, so there's stike one against this thing. Just went to their website to try and download it, and clicking the crap out of the download link gets me absolutely nothing. Have to right click and save as, strike 2. Strike 3 is the "features" this thing has, which I want nothing to do with. Hopefully can disable all of it?

Only going to try it just to see if it's as custmoizable as I would want it to be.

Nope, not even going to try it as even the installation is not customizable. Downloaded the setup.exe and it wants to download the rest of the program for installation. I KNOW that's how it's supposed to work, but it ain't happening like that on my machine!!

Strike 4!! It's history!!

Edited by cork1958, Oct 3 2012, 10:56am :

The download button on their site worked just fine for me (maybe because I'm using Chrome to begin with?). As for the installation, what kind of customization are you looking for? I can't think of any browser installation that lets you customize much of anything outside of setting it as default and putting an icon on the desktop (both of which you can do with this). As for disabling the features, what would be the point? Its added features are the only reason to use it instead of Chrome or Chromium. Sounds to me like you are just complaining for the sake of having something to complain about.