Vimeo shows off new lightning-fast player

Vimeo, the popular video-sharing service, has announced some significant updates to its player. The new version is rebuilt from the ground up and takes advantage of the recent advancements of HTML5, making it better suited to the ubiquitous tablets and smartphones of today.

The new Vimeo player centers around HTML5, which has made great strides in the last couple of years. Users will see a very noticeable performance boost with most videos starting in just a second. They will also see some redesigned UI elements that make it easier than ever to share their favourite clips as well as log in, edit their “Watch later” playlist and so on. A rundown of the major changes can be found here.

Besides the great speed improvements, folks will also get a much more responsive interface and better playback on mobile devices, as well a unified player UI. Through the magic of HTML5, preferences also get synced, but that's only across tabs and videos, not across devices.

Other notable additions include in-player purchasing where users can, for example, purchase a video directly from its trailer; better player resizing responsiveness; and the ability to add closed captions and subtitles to your work. There are still some buffering issues when scrolling through a video, but we're sure those will get fixed soon.

The staff has also confirmed that they’re working on adding 4K video support, which will show up in a future update. Similarly, plans for updates to Vimeo’s mobile apps are also in the works, but no other details have been revealed.

Source: Vimeo | Image via Wikimedia

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The only problem I have with YouTube is that I need to reload every video each time I press "replay".... Which IMO is stupid.... specially for phones and capped Internet -_-

They have their plates full and I'd rather they didn't. I'm still waiting for Skype to fully realize that it's part of the company. Let MS provide outside support and help build Vimeo up to take on YouTube.

-adrian- said,
Microsoft should help out here

True - maybe offer Vimeo free hosting on their Azure cloud platform, better integration with Microsoft's own services, maybe develop 'private video sharing' for enterprise customers etc. The problem is that in the past when others have tried to create a YouTube alternative it has always been done in a half assed way with little effort in raising the profile through collaboration and linking together services.

i think that is the point. it is not longer using flash and proprietary codecs and will work with any HTML5 compatible browser so you can watch on mobile without an app. and you wont even see a difference in the player.

Yet one more reason google is a lot like MSFT: too slow, too big, only riding momentum or bundling to compete with more agile post google companies.

FalseAgent said,
Meanwhile YouTube continues to suck.

There is an official HTML5 test player for YT on their labs page, it just doesn't work with videos that require ads.

n_K said,
it just doesn't work with videos that require ads.

... the downside being...?

/s, supporting content creators is good

after watching that video just now, it was amazing there was not stuttering the UI didnt have any problems loading it was fantastic. On the same computer and browser Youtube's UI wont fully load, every video is stuttery and glitchy and just a horrible experience.

Yeah!! Definite needed update, previously it seems to me that it was slower than even some garbage third party players, now it seems they work it out.. Good thing..

I think it was fast already. One of the more pleasing Flash players out there. But this should of course be even better! The web needs more HTML5 players.

Kind of funny that this embedded player in the article uses Flash to present the new one, though. But maybe that's just how Vimeo still does it with embeds.

Northgrove said,

Kind of funny that this embedded player in the article uses Flash to present the new one, though. But maybe that's just how Vimeo still does it with embeds.

Not sure if the articles been updated or if there is a problem your end but the vid is HTML5 here.