Vista just beats Windows 8 in latest Steam hardware survey

Last month, Valve's monthly hardware survey of its Steam users for November 2012 showed that the percentage of its Windows 8 owners had already overtaken Steam's Mac users. This week, Valve updated its hardware survey for the month of December 2012 and once again showed Windows 8 gaining among its hardcore PC audience.

The stats on the hardware survey page shows that the percentage of Windows 8 owners (combining 32-bit and 64-bit SKUs) stands at 6.93 percent, well above the 4.69 percent of Windows 8 users that Steam recorded in November 2012. Windows Vista users of Steam in December (again combining 32-bit and 64-bit) totaled 6.96 percent of Steam users. Yes, that means Vista outnumbers Windows 8 by just .03 percent.

It's also clear that the vast majority of Windows 8 users, at least those using Steam, have installed the 64-bit SKU. Just 0.60 percent of Steam users are using the 32-bit version. Windows 8 64-bit users are now the fourth biggest group of Steam users when broken down by individual SKUs.

This is the first month on Steam's hardware survey that we have seen stats for Linux Ubuntu users, which are currently participating in an open beta test. As you might expect, the total number of Ubuntu users on Steam is still quite small. The combined total percentage stands at 0.80 percent.

Windows 7 users of Steam are now 70.47 percent of all Steam owners, down from 72.56 percent from the month before. Windows XP is still being used by 10.44 percent of Steam owners and the combined number of Mac Steam owners is currently at 3.72 percent.

Source: Steam | Image via Valve

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A 12-year old OS has more users than a 4-month old one? What a fail! I wonder what bs you'll search for in a few months when 8 has overtaken XP?

It's actually not even 4 months old. Released on October 26th, it's more like 2 months. Sure, some had access to early release, but we're talking about general availability here.

Albert said,
gawd. even xp is higher than win 8. how's that for win egg-suckers. lol.

The fact that ANY gamer would still be taking a major hit in performance by using XP or trying to get a XP generation machine to run games better than Win7 or Win8 is what is more astonishing.

1ghz P4, 512mb RAM - Win8 is 10% faster than XP across the board.

Whats not to understand? It lists individual SKU's by percentage. But when combined Vista has slightly more users (by 0.03%).

Pretty sad when you have to compare your latest and greatest OS to that already well known POS Vista!!

Windows 8 WILL NOT over take Windows 7 any time soon, guaranteed!

vista sold 400 million copies. there are tens of millions of people still using vista. windows 8 only came out 2 months ago and its already showing percentages similar to vista.

Maybe wise to wait a few days more so that everyone participate on the survey? I just added mine, so there must be a lot more that haven't yet.

edit: And it is more interesting to see the changes since last time.

Win7x64 dropped about 2%, while Win8x64 increased 2%, Also Vista is dropping more and more.

Gee, get a life, I've even forgotten I'm running 8 by now. If I wasn't a geek I'd never have upgraded though. Don't see any compelling reason for people running 7 to upgrade really.

What surprised me there is the total percentage of MacOS users compared to Windows 8 users... rather more than I would expect to see! Really nice to see Steam available so many platforms now - kudos to Valve. I look forward to seeing more titles being rolled out on other platforms

OS/X - 3.72%
Windows - 94.8%
Ubuntu - 0.8%
Other - 0.71%

If we go by Windows 8 users, it's 6.93% about 186% more than OS/X users. For an OS that has only been out for 2 months. Not really surprising.

What's interesting is if you strictly go off of the numbers, Windows has about a 95% marketshare according to Steam as opposed to about 4% for OS/X...and of course Linux being next to nothing (granted it's very early for them).

Compared to most marketshare sites, Windows usually sits at about 91% and OS/X around 6%. Tough to compare statistics across services like this, but this is saying what most of us believe:

More gamers are using their PC's for gaming compared to gamers using OS/X for gaming.

Well we know that ALL Gamers USE STEAM, so this is really accurate. Oh wait, actually they DO NOT.

In fact since the Gabe comments, I have watched gamers on our teams uninstall their product in fairly large numbers. There are other options than Steam.

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