Visual Explorer Ultimate 3.0

Visual Explorer Ultimate is a technologically advanced and uniquely customizable web browser. Visual Explorer Ultimate is packed with incredible new features and is a strong choice for web users looking to switch browsers.

Visual Explorer Ultimate comes with features to download videos from over 350 popular video sharing sites. The software can also automatically convert downloaded videos to a range of formats and to suit a range of popular devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony PSP and MP3.

Visual Explorer Ultimate also introduces Video View, a purpose designed environment for watching videos from popular video sharing sites. The video search capabilities are designed to make finding video content quicker across sites like YouTube, Metacafe and Google Video. Also, the aptly named Remove Noise feature is another innovative step, enabling YouTube videos to be watched in a clean and clear interface, with the ‘background noise’ turned off.

In terms of customization, everything from keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, to changing the browser’s appearance with themes and skins, plus support for Internet Explorer add-ons is possible. All of these features are designed to provide for an enjoyable, satisfying and above all personal experience.

Amongst Visual Explorer Ultimate’s other compelling features are the ability to view multiple web pages at the same time, the Print as Web Page feature for printing web pages exactly how they look on screen and the Cloaking Device which helps provide an added layer of security and can safeguard the user’s private data.

Visual Explorer is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download: Visual Explorer Ultimate 3.0 | (30.0 MB) Freeware
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Do not recommend this browser because of numerous bugs, and problems. Here are a couple: 1) does not allow for the use of the forward/backward buttons on the mouse (a feature that is badly needed), 2) Using Neowin: when clicking on a page it would work fine, but when attempting to go back to the original page it would jump to something you haven't even click on, 3) Pop up blocker is to say the least ineffective, 4) not ad blocker (not really their fault).

A plus is the speed. Is really quite fast.

Been playing around with this for about an hour now, and have to say it is quite fast (faster then my beloved Firefox/Waterfox. The only real problem is no ad blocker. Sorry Neowin, put my old eyes cannot handle flashing adverts. Will use this over the next couple of days to get a better feel.