Wal-Mart to Sell $300 PC with OpenOffice

Wal-Mart Inc. opened its campaign for the back-to-school PC sales season on Wednesday by unveiling a US$298 desktop from Everex that combines three of the most popular industry trends -- open-source software, a power-efficient processor, and a lack of "bloatware." The Everex Impact GC3502 uses Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista OS, but substitutes the OpenOffice.org 2.2 version of word processing and spreadsheet tools for the traditional Microsoft Office variety. The computer runs on a 1.5GHz C7-D processor from Via Technologies Inc., a chip that meets lead-free environmental regulations and saves energy with low wattage demands.

The sales price does not include a monitor, but is still lower than comparable packages sold on Wal-mart's Web site, such as a Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Compaq Presario, an Acer America Corp. AcerPower FH Minitower and a Dell Inc. Dimension desktop.

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"... open-source software, a power-efficient processor, and a lack of "bloatware." The Everex Impact GC3502 uses Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista OS"

Eh, I guess they forgot (put distro name here) and they kept the main bloatware?

There going to **** off alot of people with this one. When they find out they need Vista Biz, Vista Ultimate, XP Pro, or 2000 WKS. Most of the Big 10 now have you run the PRO type of version cause they require it for network security / SUS / Symantic Corp to get on there networks, unless you just want internet. But then you will be stuck using a lab PC to get stuff from your network shares etc. This is the first year we had in WI that most of the schools went from there old P3 500mhz / 128meg ram to saying Core 2 or Athlon 64 / 2gig of ram.

Someone going to a Big 10 college isn't likely to be shopping for a bargain-basement PC at Wal-Mart anyway. Their target market for this machine is most likely home users needing a PC for their kids to do homework on.

it wont run aero, son bundling it with vista its useless unless they are giving the crappier starter or home basic version

It would most likely have Home Basic since Starter isn't supposed to be sold in "first world" countries. And for a system designed simply to be inexpensive and be for basic home use, what more do they need?

yeah!.... same thing happens in canada..... now that the US dollar is almost at par with the CAN dollar.... things are still 1.4x or 1.5x what it should be....

what is Vista Home oem? $150?

so its basically a $150 PC. it obviously doesnt include a monitor, but a system capable of running Vista put together for under $150 (they do need to make a profit) is a pretty neat trick.

yeah right a c7-d is a piece of crap how on earth do they expext a decent version of nix to run on that god only knows and evan he'd laugh his pants wet at it

It runs Vista, rtfa. The "meat" of the article is that they're bundling OpenOffice; a direct competitor to MS' productivity software in order to appeal to the budget market. Oo beats Works though, what a POS that is, lol.