Watch Microsoft's 'mobile and cloud' press conference live stream right here

Microsoft has some big news to reveal later today and it's holding a press conference in San Francisco to talk about it; the event is big enough that the company decided to offer a live video stream of the conference for those of us who cannot attend.

Microsoft has already posted a link to the livestream on their news site, but we have managed to get the link so we can show the video directly from Neowin. The event is expected to begin at 10 AM Pacific Time (that's 1 PM Eastern Time).

Officially, all Microsoft is saying is that the press conference will feature the company's recently named CEO Satya Nadella "discussing the intersection of cloud and mobile." That sounds like he will be offering a college lecture but the rumors on the Internet think he will actually be revealing plans to offer a full Office software suite for Apple's iPad; Microsoft might also announce an Enterprise Mobility Suite to help businesses manage mobile devices.

Will the rumors be correct, or does Microsoft have something else up their sleeve that we don't know about? If the company does reveal an Office product for the iPad, will there be a surprise appearance by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the press conference, and if that happens, will the Internet explode at the sight of Nadella and Cook on stage at the same time? Stay tuned.

Source: Microsoft

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I have mixed feeling on this. I'm really looking forward to the products and services that I think are coming. I'll be using and promoting some of these as a consultant. But at the same time I know there is going to be some new competition for me since I specialize in the VMware platform. But competition is still a good thing.

My bet is on a partnership with xamarin to deliver visual studio workflows for all devices and platforms with deep integration with azure services. I am hoping anyhow : )