Windows Vista Memory Tweak Guide

With every release of a new operating system come new demands and Windows Vista is by large no exception to this rule.

There are several relevant components to the Windows memory subsystem. In this guide we will put special emphasis on the hard drive, processor and RAM, taking you through a variety of settings to optimally configure these and hopefully end up with an overall smoother running system.

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TRC said,
Here is my tweak guide: Go to the store and buy some more memory. The end.

now that makes alot of got anymore?also why should you not disable the paging executive?alot of stuff says you should.


Many of the so called tweaks in this article are just rehashes of old XP "myths" which actually have no effect or at worst will reduce the performance of your OS.

Check all of these tips carefully to ensure they are not already debunked as worthless.



In fairness to myself though; you'd be surprised how many have fallen for changing many of these settings... E.g. Anyone recall many months back when the inquirer ran a story telling XP users to add the superprefetch entry to their registry? I recall someone arguing with me once that they should add the "ConservativeSwapFileUsage = 1" line to the system.ini file in Windows 2000.

hey Richteralan & lbmouse trolls who said about 98 and 95 go home,anyways there are lots of these around.they keep getting better.

After seeing many other guides out there that do some really stupid things it's probably not a bad idea to reinforce the fact that some things should remain at a default. Might help if someone tries 2 guides and one of them is changing something which ideally should remain at the default to something dumb.

hmmmmmm...... anyone notice that other than SuperFetch, these are all the same tweaks as XP?

Leaving a setting at "default" is NOT a tweak!! Otherwise, what's the point?