World of Warcraft 2.0 Patch News

The World of Warcraft, which seemingly is an unstoppable monster these days, will of course expand greatly in January 2007 with the release of the much anticipated expansion The Burning Crusade. But before the expansion is released, Blizzard will make sure current players see the benefit of some of the features from the expansion, and add them to the current game. Features such as expanded PvP and brand new talents along with the all new Honor system will be patched into the 7.5 million subscriber behemoth Blizzard currently runs. Here is what will be added - though note more may be added in the future this is just the first news on the 2.0 patch:

  • Revamped PvP Honor System - This new reward system will allow players to accumulate honor points that can be spent like currency to purchase weapons, armor, and various other items beneficial for player-vs.-player progression
  • New Talents - Each class will now have access to all-new talents in each of their three talent trees
  • Looking For Group Tool - This new tool is designed to assist players in finding groups for instanced dungeons and quests
  • Arena Skirmishes - Players will be able to queue for small-group, gladiatorial combat matches by speaking to the Battlemasters throughout the world
WoW heads rejoice!

View: World of Warcraft "Under Development" Site

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As soon as it goes lives, waiting one or two days to make sure server is good, then since my work horus have been cut back due to it being Winter. I'll PvP mad to get Grand Marshal gear and other epic DPS warrior items to help me level come TBC.

Alla is updating with beta items and some of the warrior stuff just looks crazy.

This new patch is going to rock. Basically it's the Burning Crusade content without the new level cap or areas. The test realms are up so you can see for yourself ... it's pretty cool. I really love the new honor system. It allows casual players to achieve epic items from PvP rather than waste your life PvPing. :P

It's an ok game, but when my friends started raiding all the time I didn't have much to do. So I just recently canceled my account and funny enough I haven't had a single urge to play it. I may not have been infected with the Blizzard-spore that makes people addicted ;P

The new dungeons sounds interesting, more like a quick game with your friends rather than huge planned raids that require signups or hours of waiting to find a pickup team. Thumbs up for that blizzard.