YouTube hopes to be on mobile devices in 2007

YouTube Inc., the popular online video sharing site, said Wednesday it hopes to launch a service for wireless devices within a year.

Chad Hurley, YouTube chief executive and co-founder, told an advertising conference that offering video services on mobile phones was a key opportunity for the company.

Having attended the event today, this is one of two talking points he shared. He almost admitted that YouTube has been slow to adopt mobile-friendly technologies (such as Yahoo!'s Flickr service, which was highlighted at Yahoo!'s Hack Day event earlier this year). He also noted that content removal requests would threaten and reduce "brand exposure" and warned that YouTube would not be to blame.

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News source: YouTube hopes to be on mobile devices in 2007

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T-Mobile's Web'n'Walk packages give you a data allowance of several GB per month in the UK... A year seems like a long time to wait before launching this service... It makes sense for the US market since they simply can't get their act together when it comes to mobile networks, but much of the rest of the world have been using 3G and DVB-H based mobile TV services for years already. This would be a good time for an upstart to launch a mobile viral video site before YouTube get around to it.

On mobile in 2007 ? Well not for me you won't - I pay £4 a month to get 4Mb on my phone.... So until phone companys do unlimited plans, then I won't be watching ANY video's !

Translation: "We had our 15 minutes. The founders made a lot of money because of the Google buyout. Now we're being exposed as being the low tech, flying under the copyright radar company we've always been. Good night everyone!"