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St. Cloud, Florida 
04 April 2004
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Spencer is the Tech Evangelist for Stardock and Microsoft MVP.

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Start8 0.95

Start8 gives Windows 8 users the ability to bring the start menu back to their desktop. Not only does it bring the start menu back, you also get many customization options More...

Multiplicity 2 Beta

For users that run multiple computers, Multiplicity 2 is an application that gives those users the ability to control and switch between them using use one keyboard and mouse. This lets users eliminate extra keyboard/mouse... More...

Tiles 1.0

Stardock has released Tiles 1.0, which is a new navigation utility for Windows. Tiles places a side-bar on your Windows desktop that lets PC users organize active programs, application, and documents. More...

WindowFX 4.01

WindowFX 4 is a Windows app that lets you add special effects to your windows, enhancing your desktop experience. What's in this update: Added friction slider for momentum windows Tweak to how sticky notes are handled with darken... More...