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Ok weird one, I probably should check my old WHS 2003 V1 to see how they did it but i'll check later.

Anyways, my box is a Lenovo D400 which is a headless server, meaning - no graphics or anything other than hot plug (e)SATA/USB/Ethernet and a power plug. To install i had to run setup in another system then put it in the server after first reboot so that it can install it's drivers and all that using the D400's hardware.

Anyways, I can remote into the server using RDP but since the system has no "video card" per say so it's using the "Standard VGA Adapter" so it wont sleep! It's a server so they generally shouldn't be sleeping anyways. I've always had it to turn off at sleep at 1am and while i'm at work to save some power (it uses 55w at idle LOL).

Anyone got any idea on how to update that driver to allow sleep? I can't ask Lenovo as it's not supported on WHS 2011 (Server 2008 R2 core). I checked their forums to see if others found any solutions but not really.

The Lenovo D400 is the same Acer 340 and I checked a few sites for that too but nothing specific yet.

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Apparently i'm a retard - :pinch: :blushing:

Searched for the tech specs PDF and found this:

[b]Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA 950)[/b]
integrated graphics in 945GC, uses main memory, no monitor ports, remote access via network[/quote]

I'll be installing it later so that should solve this issue. :woot:

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