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Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google's OS

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 18:06

I just bought a Galaxy S3 to play with (and then give to my gf), and I'd have to say it's a pretty disappointing phone. The enclosure really is the cheapo plastic that everybody has been harping on. It's really really light, which makes it seem even more cheap. The biggest disappointment was the screen. The screen is big and really not too big (in my opinion), but the quality was pretty bad. The pixels were very easy to see, which made the icons noticeably jagged. At arms length it wasn't too bad, but at a foot or so from your face, it was very easy to realize the lack of clarity. The colors were okay, but it still suffers from the over-saturation problem that the S2 had. I have a 4S and comparing the 2 side-by-side was a night-and-day difference. The 4S has a better display in terms of clarity and color, and it really wasn't a close comparison. A lot of people probably don't care, but I'd personally prefer quality over size.

What I was pleasantly surprised by was the improvement of Android. The S3 was running the latest version of ICS, and it ran pretty well. I wasn't able to make it lag as much as some of the older Android phones I've played with. And I'm sure JB or a 3rd party rom would make it mostly flawless. So in that regards, I commend Google for cleaning up Android a bit. In terms of hardware, it's clear they have a long ways to go. Just my 2 cents.

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 18:18

That just all sounds like you've got a very biased view. I could list almost a dozen of my friends with Iphone 4 and 4S's that have all had dozens of crashes, freezes and other problems as well (how about the phone itself wiping all user files, like music and photographs when it froze and rebooted?). However I still now Apple made very good quality hardware for those devices, and like ALL electronics they have problems.

However, it's clear you've got your view on Android hardware carved in stone so I fail to see the point in arguing anymore.

I'm not sure how many crashes your friends experience, but from my experience with the iPhone 3GS (which my cousin gave to my dad after she upgraded to 4S), it freezes about twice in a whole year, and never had any issue in taking calls. Compared to, say, my Milestone 2, which freezes about twice a week at least, periodically not able to move the unlocker to receive calls, and at times just dropping off in the middle of calls for no reason. The Galaxy R is even worse. I'd not say it's all about the hardware itself, but more because crapwares like TouchWiz, Sense, BLUR, or whatever they use. I find flashing a custom ROM is almost required for good usability of Android devices. The Xperia S I currently use suffer less problems as I flashed it with MIUI just days after getting it. Still about one freeze-ups per month or so, and sometimes difficulties in taking calls, but much better and smoother operations overall.

And the Transformer Pad I just got and really love, again shows strange charging problems after it upgrades to the official Jellybean 4.1.1 ROM, it can charge alright from the keyboard dock, and the keyboard dock can charge okay from the charger, but direct connection from the charger to the pad itself gives some unpredictable results, sometimes it charges normally, sometimes it doesn't charge but the battery doesn't drain during use neither, and sometimes it just doesn't act like connected. There are also strange performance hiccups despite it scores very well in benchmarks like AnTuTu and Quadrant. Since there are no stable custom Jellybean ROM for the Transformer Pad, I'll have to bear with it for now.

Maybe it's also because of difference in software quality. For example, Fruit Ninja runs super smooth on the 1st gen iPad, but it always jerks and unresponsive at times on Android, even on the quad-core Transformer Pad with Jellybean. Where's My Water on Android always tries to run some background process that crashes constantly on Jellybean. And the recently released Bad Piggies, frequently slowdowns and sometimes crashes during gameplay, where the iPad version has no such issue. All of those are directly from the Android Market, no third-party downloads.

Yes I do have my deep impressions on Android devices, but after my experiences with all of those Android devices I have owned, it's kinda hard to recommend it to non-enthusiasts who do not wish to hack into their systems and flash custom ROMs.