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Anyone remember Acrophobia. This word game was on Berzerk, and Uproar. Well I"ve found a Berzerk clone of the game and it's very very good.

It's new so we definitely can improve if we get more people. Right now there is only ACTION between 8 and 12 p.m. EST. That's why we need more players. Would love a game any time of day.

So if you remember Acrophobia or you are new to this word game... give it a try.



Based on Acrophobia. In AcroBlast you submit Funny and witty Sentences to random Letters or Acronyms. Play and Chat with up to 13 other players. This is what Social gaming is all about. The Best Acro or word Game on Facebook.

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I played it on Uproar 6 or 7 years ago and was actually thinking about the game the other day. Uproar made it more complicated than necessary to sign in and play though.
I might give it a try sometime.

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