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#1 Biohead



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Posted 07 June 2012 - 18:54

So after 4 years of owning and using an iPhone variation, I've always been interested in WinPho 7. But I never wanted to buy a device to find out I couldn't get on with it. Cue Carphone Warehouse selling the Lumia 710 for £89.95 and here I am today!

First things to note... I know I don't have everything (infact, hardly anything) loaded onto it yet, but it's so much snappier than my iPhone 4. I would usually have to wait 2-3 seconds from opening messages to that loading. Massive improvement.
The social integration is brilliant. I know it's not for all people, but I like how I can access all my Facebook friends through my contacts as I quickly wanted to load up some photos to show people. As some of you may know, the Facebook for iPhone app is absolute utter *****, and again takes ages to load.

Movement in the OS isn't as fluid like as the iPhone, but it's damned close and the difference is barely noticeable. The browser isn't as clear as safari on iOS, but again it's not bad, just not quite upto scratch.

So I suppose that leaves me with just a few questions:
1. My lock screen default is set to a rainy photo - and it's done nothing but rain all day. Is it a weather related lock screen or just coincidence?
2. I've logged in with my main windows live ID, but my xbox live account is registered to an alternative Live ID. Is there anyway I can change the xbox live tile to use my xbl ID, or another alternative.
3. Is there a way to keep the status bar at the top constantly on the display?

Any other tips and tricks of note?

And I've seen over on xda-devs that custom roms now exist for the 710... is there any benefit to doing this at the moment? I likely won't until I'm used to WinPho, and the only reason I do it on the iPhone is for custom carrier settings.

#2 Tom


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Posted 07 June 2012 - 19:04

1. Coincidence. You can change your lock screen wallpaper when you go into your photos. It will give you an option to change your wallpaper.
2. You can, but you'll need to reset your phone I'm afraid.
3. I'm afraid not. You can pull it down with your finger when needed though.

Welcome to the club, I hope you enjoy it. :D

#3 OP Biohead



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  • Location: West Drayton, UK
  • OS: OS X 10.9
  • Phone: Nexus 5

Posted 07 June 2012 - 19:29

Thanks! Kinda figured 1 was me hoping for the best - mind you if I leave it set to rain it will be right most of the time :p

Sorted out 2 as well, a link on the phone told me I can change the associated Live ID. So just created a new Win Live account, changed the xbox live profile (which I don't use) linked to my main WinLive account to the new WinLive account, then changed the associated account from my main xbox live profile to use my main windows live profile... I've gone 5-6 years struggling with that problem!

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