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windows 8 xbox music app vs zune software?

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#16 wpN00b


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Posted 18 February 2013 - 05:59

i hate the new look, i think it is ugly compared to the zune software (which i will continue to use). but this blog post details what the ui differences are, i couldn't nail it until i found this.


Microsoft could have really made it great. this is a really stupid move. but its done now, its not going to be changed.

edit: omg....i am the op? i didn't even realize it lol.

Haha,this is awesome. You felt so passionate that you found your original post and replied to it :) I feel exactly the same. I think Zune is a very beautiful piece of software and it seems functional enough for me but my first Windows Phone is WP8 so I've never synced anything to Zune. As the quote says, I was initially drawn to WP8 because I've used the Zune software for so long for my music needs. I dreamt of the day I'd be able to unify my phone and PC and of course, they make them incompatible. I was pretty steamed about it but I enjoy the ability to download whatever song I want as long as I'm paying the $15.

In any case, I dug up this thread because I found it through a search when trying to find a video comparing both applications. So I'm not missing anything really apparently.

Does anyone know if Windows 8 can download the Zune software and run in the desktop mode?

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Posted 18 February 2013 - 06:05

Yes, thankfully Windows 8 can run Zune, which is essential for my WP7 HTC Trophy.