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Is Sony's latest PS3 firmware 4.25 bricking consoles?

ps3 4.25 brick ylod sony

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 14:12

I'm running on a Slim 120GB model
I updated from version 4.20 via USB, as I've been doing for the duration that I've had my PS3.

I'm having issue with the start up of the system. For some reason it cannot be read via HDMI OR AV cable, but i can hear the fans running and all.

I remind you that my system worked right before I made the update.
I was literally looking at my screen during installation and after it was complete my system restarted and i saw nothing.

In the event of my PS3 turning on, I get like static on my screen and the game freezes, 3 bleeps sound from the PS3 and it restarts. Again not showing any sort of video input.

I can't even access safe mode because nothing shows on my screen.

Hmm that's very strange, have you tried this "output reset" mode yet? :/ From what I remember you have to hold the power-button till the PS3 beeps twice and then it will default to 480p and ask you to renew the settings

As for the update, I still have a old fat PS3 and it's running 4.25 like a charm^^

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 14:49

will update mine when i get home if i remember, i probably only turn mine on once a month or so. lol.