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iPhone 4 volume button broke.

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Posted 15 October 2012 - 16:13

Nope. I just find it remarkable that the OP has his iphone replaced under warranty for some defect. Then gets another which develops a defect. And also mentions his fiance has a phone that is having an issue too.

Instead of getting a phone from a manufacturer who don't produce brittle objects he states he'll buy yet another iphone and then give apple even more money for their "care".

His life and his money but really...wake up man.

Well, just as an example: my original xbox 360 had an RRoD. They sent me a refurb unit that later had video output issues (about 3 months outside of my original warranty). Microsoft wouldn't do diddly squat even though they gave me a defective refurb.

In this scenario Apple clearly saw that they gave a customer a defective refurb unit and even though he was outside of warranty still corrected their wrong.

In my experience Apple's support is stellar. Everyone is wide awake here. And it is our life and our money. I prefer to spend my money on the company that will replace my tablet if it has a scratch on it. No other company is doing this, but Apple.