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How to monitor my LAN network traffic

lan traffic

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 11:17

Removing dnsmasq from the network config file did the trick. Thanks again all of you guys especially the champ "Budman" who really nailed it this time..

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Posted 01 December 2012 - 12:34

To give a bit more detail for anyone interested, been PMing back and forth on this with him.

For some reason his linux box had dnsmasq installed, which is a dns forwarder. Not sure how that happened or why, but so his resolv.conf on his linux box was pointing to loopback, dnsmasq was listening and would forward his request to his ISP dns vs what dhcp was handing out or what he setup manually in the network manager.

resolv.conf has gotten a bit more complicated over the years and its being updated with scripts and such vs just being a static file. So it can be a bit tricky sometimes understanding how your box is resolving vs just looking in resolv.conf which in his case pointed to his loopback address.

This really should not be so complicated - change your dhcp to hand out the dns you want your clients to use. Or have the dns they use, ie your router forward to what dns you want to use. Or set your clients to use whatever dns you want to use manually.

The problem in the case with this linux box was understanding how/where to change it from pointing to his isp dns.