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I'm trying to figure out which service is providing UPnP from my desktop machine (Win7) to the local network. I've explicitly disabled UPnP globally in Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings ("Media streaming is off"), and yet a UPnP share is still visible when I search by using a different computer on the network, and ios/android devices. There are only two apps listed in the UPnP settings page - 1 is Foobar2000, and the other is the generic service offered by Windows 7; both are blocked. Perhaps I can use a utility to list listening sockets (by protocol) and their associated app/service?

Thank you

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Well, moments after creating this thread, I found the offending service in services.msc - "UPnP Device Host" was set to manual, but was started. By stopping it, and disabling it, i was able to remove the UPnP listing on the LAN.

The question remains.. why was that service active despite having Global UPnP set to off? I don't want to have to remember to enable it in the future when I DO want to provide UPnP, as I'll most likely forget about it.

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