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A customer of mine needs a 2 Terabyte external disc which requires a Firewire connection.

Her whole collection of photos is being scanned and will be placed on this drive. The people doing this use a MAC and she uses Windows.

I have found several drives which I searched on Google but all if not most are formatted for the MAC file system. That is OK though because one which is a Seagate is formatted for MAC but has a driver that lets windows see and access the contents of the disc.

Unfortunately it was the only one I found. Does anyone know of external firewire drives that are formatted for MAC but can use a driver for Windows? I want to avoid having to format to NTFS for it to work with Windows. Most of these external drives require a format.

Thank you

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It would probably be better to purchase an external hard disk drive with both USB and FireWire (IEEE-1394) connectrs, format it as NTFS on a Windows-based system, enable NTFS read-write support on the Mac or use a third-party solution, copy the files over, move the hard disk drive to a PC running Windows, and perform a few spot checks involving the most critical files to verify they can be read successfully and then call the job done.

Another possibility might be to ask the people doing the scanning on the Mac to save the files to a NAS, and then provide her with that when finished.

I am a little unsure why a service bureau would not be able to provide an NTFS-formatted drive with the files on it; it seems to me that even if they were a Mac shop, they would have many customers who used Windows.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Thanks for your reply. I believe the person doing this is not in a company but an individual who does this on his own. We did find a drive from Seagate that is formatted for MAC but comes with a driver for Windows to be able to read and write to it. He is going to purchase it for her.

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