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Laptop has no display

toshiba laptop

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Posted 19 December 2012 - 14:19

My daughters laptop (Toshiba satellite) suddenly froze yesterday when she tried to open FF, task manager would not open, so she decided to shut it off via the power button. Upon restart windows gave an error regarding boot manager (unknown the exact message) and the system halted. I attempted to get the system to boot by reseating the hdd, however this appears to have made the situation worse as now it will not show anything on the display, but it appears that the system is working (HDD activity, etc) I allowed the system to cool down overnight but it still is not displaying anything. I do not have an adapter to convert my monitor to a vga plug to see if there is any video displayed at all.

Edit: It now appears that the DC port (charging) is not working, the charging plug does not fit into the port anymore. I know that I have had this issue once before with this laptop, but it was under warranty at the time and Toshiba fixed it.