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Running IE on the Mac

mac internet explorer mountain lion

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Posted 24 December 2012 - 13:43

Said by +CPressland:
"Yeah exactly; I know IE is an awful awful browser compared to Webkit / Gecko browsers, but still, MS crap needs MS crap."

I beg to differ on that opinion, but then again, just like a**holes, everyone has one!! ;)

Sure must suck to have that expensive a** Mac and can't use something that the vast majority of the rest of the world has installed by default?

I've debated a few times on getting a Mac, but then I would be in almost the same boat you're in now, which is why I even clicked the link to this topic and why I haven't gotten a Mac.

Sorry, no help!! :(

Just to reiterate, I'm using IE9 no problem right now inside a VM, I'd just like to lower the load.

Weird, I never had any copy/paste issues between my OS X host and VMware Fusion guest PC... :/

One way or another you'll gonna have to need Windows. Either virtualized, native, secondary computer, Remote Desktop or otherwise... Since Internet Explorer isn't a native OS X app you're never going to find a 100% "clean" solution.

Like I said, the solution was to use one of my LAB Servers to run a Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 VM with IE9 setup as a Remote App.