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xbox 360 steering wheel & pedals fanatec forza 4

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#1 L1520



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Posted 31 December 2012 - 14:01

Hi there

I have a £150-£200 budget...

To use with Forza 4...I don't play a huge amount (average 2-5 hours per week)

Do I buy a 2nd user Official XBox 360 Steering Wheel with Force Feedback & pedals, a Fanatec CSR wheel with csr pedals, or stick with controller?

I have trouble using the thumb sticks on xbox & ps3 controller (long story) so am stuck using the old style l-r-u-d buttons & a/x buttons which leaves huge chunks of laptime to be found and greater accuracy needed (make mistakes easily and spin out etc).

Will an Official XBox 360 Steering Wheel with Force Feedback & pedals suffice?

Many thanks


#2 HawkMan


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Posted 31 December 2012 - 14:49

the official one will suffice. the fanatec one if you REALLY like driving, it'll also have better pedals. while it also has full 270 degree rotation I don't put much into this as any race configured car won't have 270 degree lock. granted Forza also uses regular road cars so it'll be more realistic there. But for real actual racing you'd never use it. other than that the only "advantage" is the ability to use a real stick shift.

the fanatec will have much better build quality though, and the official ones have had an issue where the steering wheel isn't "centered" mechanically, it has no impact on the game, it's just that when you let go of the wheel and it auto centers, the wheel will appear to have a couple of degrees of turn. They may have fixed this on never models, and it didn't happen on all of them. and of course Fanatec won't have the ingenious attach/lock system that the MS wheel have for fastening to tables and such.

#3 OP L1520



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Posted 01 January 2013 - 16:05

Thanks HawkMan, you gave me food for thought. I am just worried that I'll buy a used xbox one & it be crap after a few goes (bearings etc failing/play in wheel) & will be wasted money. I'm 99% sold on the fanatec csr with csr elite pedals & shifter as a long term investment. the other 1% is difficulty parting with £315...lol.

#4 what


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Posted 01 January 2013 - 16:19

For a couple of hours a week I wouldn't stretch to a Fanatec setup. It'd be different if you were playing for hours every day, entering online tournaments etc. But if it's for casual playing then a casual wheel will be enough imo.