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Hey guys,

i would like to know something about Text Messaging on Android phones specifically HTC smartphones.

So this is the scenario: We have 2 people, who will send us text messages on our phone. Lets name them Mr. A and Mr. B.

(text messages with their time when they were received)

Text Messages from Mr.A:
Hi [b]9:00 AM[/b]
How are You doing? [b]9:10 AM[/b]
You there? [b]11:00 AM[/b]

Now Mr. B will send us texts:
Hello [b]10:00 AM[/b]
Hey, How you doing? [b]10:10[/b] AM

Traditionally, when some new message is received, the message is placed on top of other previously received messages (from different people). In our case, the last message was sent by Mr A. at [b]11:00 AM[/b] so messages from Mr. A will be listed on top of Mr. B.

now here's the question.... If we Delete The last message sent by Mr A. at [b]11:00 AM[/b] which is "You there?" so [b]after deleting this message[/b], [b]The ordering of Messages received will be the same? or Mr. B's messages will show on top?[/b] because Mr. B sent last message at 10:10 AM and where as after deleting last message of Mr. A we are left with his last message from 9:10 AM?

i hope its not confusing :p


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Just tried this, by deleting some messages received around the same time from 2 separate numbers. I can confirm on Jellybean 4.1.1 at least, that if you delete the last message received from Mr A then Mr B's message will move up the list.

Hope that helps
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thanks, thats all i wanted to know

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