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Posted 16 January 2013 - 17:46

My parents have an old Windows XP machine, and somehow they always manage to get crap on it. Downloading from suspect sources cause their "friends" linked to it, no doubt. Regardless, I got sick of it, and just locked them down into a secondary account and cranked up the virus protection. Well, it certainly did the job, taking away admin privileges has kept them virus free. But it's had a few bad side effects. 1. Firefox can't update on it's own, have to download the file and then run it in the administrator account. Annoying, but I can deal with that. 2. The computer won't go into standby, and whines that the user doesn't have privileges to change the power settings.

So, how do I give a low level account access to power settings in WinXP Pro? I haven't had much luck finding it in GPEdit...