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i use the hound out of acrobat professional 7/8. i got rid of my filing cabinets years ago and have scanners and acrobat and last year added cloud storage.

i have chased my tail all evening trying to resolve this. i always put in keywords in the properties of the file itself to help in the search, file names are uber important but you need more info sometimes and that is where the leywords make life better.

today i am no longer able to right click the completed file and choose properties from the right click menu and then choose the pdf tab and enter my keywords. the only thing differnet i disabled java in my web browsers and updated acrobat reader when i saw it was ootdated.

i can enter it from the open program. when you are scanning you work very seldom in the program because all you are care about is the container so the change is unwelcome.

anyone use acrobat in scanning? Can you tell me what might have happened?

this is a bummer, Thanks

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Well I do not have an answer but i did find a solution. I installed pdf-xchange viewer as well and it opened the property sheet up again and i can add or see key words used in the past so i am satisfied. you know just like xp did windows 7 gets mucked up and funky after a while. must be time to refresh.

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