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I bought two Nokia Lumia 920 unsubsidized and intends to use it on Straight Talk.

Unfortunately, nothing is going as plan.

I bought the micro SIMs for the phones and the SIMs arrived 3 days after it's suppose to. (I only have 4 more days to return the phone if nothing works out).

I tried to transfer my AT&T numbers to Straight Talk using Straight Talk's website. Unfortunately, the website said that: The system is not supported. Contact customer service.

I called customer service (1-855-222-2355) three times only to be told the Straight Talk "is experiencing a high call volume. Please call back later"

I am wondering if anyone have any experience with Straight Talk and is willing to help.

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post to their facebook page by submitting a support ticket. be very clear. give them the sim numbers printed on the sim cards or from the invoice you got in the sim package. include the phones imei and the phone numbers to be ported from att. be double sure you leave a phone number they can easily reach you on. if you submit tonight i would think you would have a call by noon. you might mention the website error. the pain will go away. you don't mention the service cards be sure you got 2 $45 on hand.

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