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How to setup VPN server on a dedicated server

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#1 Kamospark



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Posted 26 January 2013 - 19:51

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to setup a VPN server (that shares internet with the client, just like VPN providers), such as certain VPN server software. I looked thoroughly through the internet and 95% of the threads I saw were home users trying to setup a VPN server on their home network and all guides involved router settings, etc. I currently have servers with 1and1 and OVH and I would just like to setup a VPN server on either of them. I have no access to their router (obviously) and the only connection I have to them are RDP (12 of my servers at OVH have KVMs installed, but I would preferable like to install the VPN server on 1and1's servers where it's only RDP - meaning I can't screw up the networking).

Note: These servers run a combination of Windows Server 2008/2012 - I'm just looking to make one VPN account

I would prefer not to have OpenVPN as I see it's SSL

Thank you

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 20:07

First Google result.


Personally I have never done site to site with Windows only PPTP VPN's. I leave site to site for, as you say, routers.

#3 OP Kamospark



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Posted 26 January 2013 - 20:11

I was actually looking for PPTP VPNs and not site to site. When I mentioned routers, I was referring guides telling users to port forward, etc but there is no need to in this situation.

A simple PPTP VPN server on Windows Server 2008 that can share the internet is all I'm looking for.

Thank you for your time

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 12:49

You do understand that pptp has been deprecated and is no longer considered secure. And that ssl is where everyone is going because of ease of doing it, no special protocols have to be open, etc. Its 1 port not many with multiple protocols involved.

But if your wishing to have some dedicated server or vps sitting in a colo/datacenter somewhere - then sure fire it up. 2k8 and 2012 both have vpn support built right in. Its rare that a dedicated server or vps would have any ports/protocols blocked so you should be free to run whatever vpn you want.

I have a linux vps that I run for testing reasons and as a means of a vpn if my home connection is down and I am out and about, etc. Its only 15 a year sort of box. Not a lot of umph to it - but it runs openvpn just fine only firewall between it and the internet is the one running on the host that I manage, etc. I would assume this should be the same for any server your renting or coloing, etc.

But it could be against your TOS?? to run a vpn? And comes down to what your doing using the vpn - you could prob get into some issues if doing p2p using it, etc.

as to pptp on 2k8 here you go
Configure PPTP-based Remote Access