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Come on, guys, let's have a thread where we share some of the best Windows 8 games out there, apps too.


[b]Ninja Joe - $1.99 (10/10)[/b]


Download: [url="http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/5f7904b1-dc24-4382-a20b-2bfb4e8d1a6a"]http://apps.microsof...0b-2bfb4e8d1a6a[/url]

Review: [url="http://www.slatejournal.com/windows-phone-8-games/paid-wp8-games/ninja-joe-review/"]http://www.slatejour...nja-joe-review/[/url]


[B]Brain Cube Reloaded - (Free) (9.5/10)[/B]


Download: [url="http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/b6521a5f-2b25-4b1f-a91f-dbfa2bfd6b6d"]http://apps.microsof...1f-dbfa2bfd6b6d[/url]

Review: [url="http://www.slatejournal.com/windows-8-games/free-win8-games/brain-cube-reloaded-review/"]http://www.slatejour...eloaded-review/[/url]


Show us what you play! I don't plan to go through 30-50k of the apps.

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I like Skulls of the Shogun a lot.

BlazBlue is alright but disappointing in that it has no story mode...which is all I play fighters for, really. I just deleted it.

You might get a decent response splitting games and apps into different topics...the gaming forum is pretty active and many of them wouldn't look here often.

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