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Hey Neowin!^^

I thought I would share this awesome mod with everyone here too, it's basically all Sonic Unleashed Day-Time stages ported to Sonic Generations for PC :)


(Download 60 fps version: Mega | Rapidshare)

ModDB page: http://www.moddb.com...leashed-project

This unofficial project ports most of Sonic Unleashed's daytime levels from the Xbox 360 version into Sonic Generations on PC. It also includes any improvements that are deemed as necessary to accomodate to the better control scheme, higher resolution graphics, and much smoother framerate.

New Features & Content


* No console limitations. This means support for unlimited resolutions, high-quality texture filtering and 60 FPS gameplay as long as you have the hardware for it. Stages that had performance problems in the original game now work perfectly (with a proper setup). Just features you'd expect from a regular PC version!

* Eight Modern Sonic stages completely readapted from Sonic Unleashed. Lots of layout improvements, recreation of gimmicks, and fixing various bugs/glitches.

The current list of included levels is:

* Windmill Isle (Acts 1/2)

* Savannah Citadel

* Rooftop Run

* Dragon Road

* Cool Edge

* Arid Sands

* Empire City (originally Skyscraper Scamper)

* Jungle Joyride

* Brand new White World Stage for level selection. Enjoy the new soundtrack arranged by Falk, which you can download here.

* Various High-Definition retextures by Lobotomy. Most of the horrible and stretched surfaces in the game got a new coat of paint to bring it up to standard (up to 16x more data than the original textures). A separate version with even better retextures will be released later by him for those with higher-end hardware, so be sure to subscribe to his channel to keep up with his progress.

* Few mods would tout lack of content as a feature, yet this one does. Sonic Unleashed was badly received due to the alternate gameplay style of the

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Nice. I never played Sonic Unleashed but its stage in Sonic Generations is my favorite.

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Interesting. I'll check this out later.

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Cool, now if only all the new Sonic PC releases were ported too...though I'm pretty sure Sega would object :huh:

Why the hell they made such a fantastic engine in Generations only to use much crappier ones in following releases I do not understand.

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