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Evolution confirms PS4 has live-streaming feature via share button

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 15:53

Scott Kirkland: It’s awesome. I mean, the controller has a Share button on it. You hit the Share button, if you’ve configured your streaming service connection, then the stream is out there. I don’t think there have been any announcements about the kind of partner services who’ll be providing that, but in development we have simple tools, the service runs on my desktop PC, I hit the Share button on my devkit and I can just see what’s going on in my devkit through a web browser window. That’s brilliant. You get the output from the camera as well so you can see your friends’ reactions to your overtaking manoeuvres or spectacular crashes.

Via Edge interview: http://www.edge-onli...-in-the-making/

Awesome! No more needing TV capturing units. Lots of envious eyes (who aren't able to drop £350-400... me) will be watching streams from the PS4 launch lol.

As for anyone thinking this is old news, we had taking pictures and capturing video (to upload to the likes of youtube) confirmed from the share button, but not live streaming. We knew we were getting live streaming, but not how simple it would be.

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Posted 08 May 2013 - 16:08

As much as I think this is a great feature.. its also going to spring up thousands of wanna-be youtube commentators thinking they are going to be the next woody/xjaws/syndicate/etc. Oh well, I still love the potential for this feature.