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To buy a tablet (iPad Mini)... now or later?

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#1 BuddyHM17



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Posted 14 May 2013 - 15:13

My 6 month old Nexus 7 recently hit the bucket after being dropped in the driveway and accidentally being ran over (RIP). I'm looking to buy another tablet before I go on vacation to Europe in early July, but.... Its that time of year when new tablet's are announced and I dont necessarily want to buy last year's tech. I've been looking at the iPad Mini but that non-Retina display is kinda bothering me. Even my Nexus 7 had a better screen and processor. Although, I dont have to have Retina it would just would be nice to have. So should I just wait it out or go ahead? There might even be some better deals on the old models if a new version is announced. I'd really like a tablet to take with me to Europe, seeing as I dont have a laptop, just a phone and iPod touch. Opinions?

#2 Shadrack


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Posted 15 May 2013 - 03:40

A few weeks back I would have said that the retina display iPad Mini will probably not be until the 3rd gen Mini, but the latest MacRumors rumor indicates strong evidence that we will see a retina iPad Mini this year.


Nexus 7 may have a better resolution, but if you are used to Nexus 7 performance then I don't think the iPad Mini will disappoint. There are benchmark comparisons between Nexus 7 and iPad Mini all over the Internet.

Since you seem eager to buy something for your trip and that will definitely be before the 2nd gen iPad Mini her is my advice (it sounds like you would mostly be interested in a retina iPad Mini):

* Buy an iPad Mini and then sell it when (if) the new retina iPad Mini comes out. Assuming you go 16GB and keep it awesome condition, I suspect you will be able to sell it used after the 2nd en Mini comes out for $200 - $220.

* Shop around for a used Android tablet to hold you over.

#3 marco-polo



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Posted 08 June 2013 - 12:43

the ipad mini retina may release with the iphone 5s in june or july