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WIndows 8.1 Messaging App

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#1 UseLess



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Posted 27 December 2013 - 00:23

Hi Neowinians,


I have recently picked up an Asus T100TA (might I say, amazing hardware for the price) and I have noticed that in W8.1 they killed the messaging app.


I'll lay out what I'm after pretty quick:


- FB messaging

- MSN messaging (yes, people still use the network because it's an order of magnitude better than the Skype network)

- Skype messaging

- System-wide notifications (metro+desktop)


Does anyone know if there is an app that can do that? The Skype desktop client has most of them down pat, but doesn't seem to provide me metro notifications (that little blue bar on the side). Is there a patch that can enable desktop Skype to do this?


Thanks for any help!

#2 j2006


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Posted 29 December 2013 - 06:29

Facebook app = great FB messaging

Skype app (and desktop app) = MSN / Skype (they share the same backend now)

System-wide notifications already happens from Metro to desktop but not from desktop to metro because there aren't really any existing desktop notifications other than custom ones created by the apps themselves which show in the system tray.  The notification platform is something new that was introduced in Windows 8.


If you want to do that all in one app... then yeah Skype does it, though not as great as Windows Live Messenger did in the past.  I wish that was still around instead or at least I hope they reinvent Skype to be the same quality as WLM was.  WLM FTW :(

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