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Ubiquitu unifi ap

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#1 duddit2


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Posted 23 January 2014 - 09:18

hello all,


I've been looking into this for a while now and have a possible job to implement it on coming up:




Basically its an enterprise class centrally managed WiFi system, scalable to thousands of AP's and all controlled from one web interface, has features such as zero hand off between AP's, each AP can support upto 5 SSID's (which are all setup and managed centrally), VLANs are supported, along with guest portals, traffic management (limiting the number of clients connecting to a single AP and forcing others to use a different one when in range, basically spreading the load logically).


What I'm posting for is this, has anyone on here had any experience with this system and what were your findings if so?


I'm going to get a single AP for home as well, as I have a dedicated PC I use for plex server I'll just run the software on this for testing and possibly add more (outdoor one for back garden, and possibly upgrade to the A/C model when I have kit that can use it), but it just looks so damn slick for the low costs involved I cant help but feel sceptical.


There are plenty of case studies and plenty of large companies and universities use it, but I have a strong 'if it seems to good to be true......it usually is' sense and I cant seem to get past it.

#2 OP duddit2


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 13:16

no one? seriously?

#3 trek


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 17:59

I have 3 of the pro ones at home for personal use. It works great and never had an issue. I'm running their beta controller and beta firmware. Mind you it's under 30 devices ;) However I'd recommend the stable releases for commercial deployments.

Large-scale deployments of these I can't speak to since I manage several Cisco WLC-based sites with 1000's of clients and 100's of APs. How big are you thinking with your sites?

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