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I'm living in a rural area ten minutes outside the city and village, currently I have no other options than poor 3G, satellite internet or dial-up. I like to game online and I find my current 3G service to be inadequate for an enjoyable experience while playing Team Fortress 2, I experience high ping, ping spikes and severe lag while trying to play with a 3G connection. I found out that the Sprint tower close to me is apparently being upgraded to 4G/LTE, consulting coverage maps also shows that Verizon towers already offer LTE service around me but a person I know had his 4G/LTE phone with him and could only pick up a 3G signal with poor reception so I don't know. I am looking for 4G/LTE devices for a reasonable price that aren't propriety and locked to a singular network. So no Verizon, AT&T and Sprint only devices, they must be able to be activated on all the major networks.

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Well simply put, there is no LTE roaming so you will have to get a device from one or the other. Devices like the nexus 5 can use LTE on Tmobile, Sprint of AT&T but never Verizon. Any LTE device for Verizon had to be one of of theirs even tho they are supposed to allow compatible devices.

Obviously you are looking for a mifi type device, your options are very limited in that regard unless you get a router that can use a USB dongle as a backup internet connection then you can swap between sprint, Verizon and all the rest.

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