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The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 15:03

So I don't see any threads about this so far, from memory I've never seen one in the mini spy and I couldn't find any after searching but if I've missed one then please merge them!


I put my name down for a beta key on day one and wasn't lucky enough to get one but now that it's in open beta I've been playing a lot over the past couple of days. Really enjoying it so far, love the combat, I like only being able to use a couple of moves, it makes you really strategize. Also I find it very pleasing graphically, there's just something about that art style that makes me love games no matter what they are. Creating your own castle is really fun, I spent ages tinkering with traps and mobs until I found a good mixture of hard and fun but, therein lies my only problem with the game. 


As I leveled up (currently level 12) I noticed that more and more people were just building huge, empty castles with one room at the end full of enemies and traps... while this was fun and presented a challenge for around 20 minutes, after that I grew wise to it... and bored. As a knight all I have to do is round up as many mobs as possible, King Dragon Slash, that kills most enemies, Healing Strike while I wait for it to cooldown, then rise and repeat. Then it's just a case of running around mopping up the ranged/support which run away. 


All in all I find the game a lot of fun but I think I'm just going to have to play more of the dev made castles because the player made ones are just getting boring. Anyone else playing?

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