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Poll: Which browser is the best?

Best browser?

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#61 DJGM



  • Joined: 05-June 02

Posted 30 June 2014 - 14:34

The title bar text is completely redundant, as the title is already visible on the tab.
And sure, limited customisation. But doesn't that mean it's "clean"?
The menu bar you show is hidden (and should be for the majority of the users). Also nothing from with the favorites bar.
I don't get your complaint of IE being a "mess". It's simple.

By default you have Back/Forward - Adress bar - tabs - home/fav/settings icon

Explain me how that is a 'mess'.

The title bar is NOT redundant at all. The tabs are nowhere near wide enough to accomodate the full page title of many
millions of web pages. Look at the title of this webpage for example. The only way that can fit on a tab is if the tab is
the full length of the browser window, which would look ridiculous. The only other solution is for all webpages to
have very short titles, or none at all. For these reasons, the title bar is an essential part of the web browser GUI,
there is no excuse whatsoever for it to be unused or forced to become redundant.

Customistation vs Clean: Full customisation means you can tailor the GUI to your personal tastes so you can make it
as clean or as cluttered as you like. Or anywhere in between.

The menu bar ... shouldn't be hidden by default, but should have a hide option for those than don't want it there.
On my browser, I use the spare space to the right of the menus for buttons that relate to some of my add-ons,
something like the Add-on bar in Firefox, but without using an additional toolbar

IE is a mess when everything is unhidden, because ... everything is in the WRONG place. When all the hidden by
default GUI elements are hidden, then IE looks more like something that belongs on a tablet not a desktop.

#62 Cheryl_27



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Posted 20 July 2014 - 18:35

Firefox takes forever to load on my PC at home, and doesn't play well with security settings where I work, ...

I'm not sure what would cause that, but Firefox loads faster than ever for me. I've used it for yrs, but occasionally create new profiles (maybe 1x / yr or 2).
I do clean Firefox installs - esp. on major upgrades.

Still using Vista, so can't comment on W-8, but Fx takes me < 5 sec to load. Sometimes, almost instantly. I have 13 active addons - some monitoring sites, but no active plugins.