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How to select the bootable partition in Windows?

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 16:18

Hi I installed XBMCUbuntu on a partition. I will only use it occasionally. However it's installed on a slightly older laptop (3 years old) which is connected via HDMI to a large screen TV which is several feet away. The lid on the laptop is always closed and as it's ona shelf under the TV its fairly innacessible and impractical to keep getting up to open the lid to select either Windows or XBMC whenever I want to boot into either. Is there therefore any Windows based software and/or any XBMCUbuntu scripts that will allow me to select which OS to boot each time I restart?


I can't generally see the bootup screen on my HDTV until half way through boot up of either Windows or XBMCUbuntu, so selecting manually at the grub command line isn't practical either unfortunately.


I will be posting this in Linux too, as it's both a inux and a Windows question.