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Hello All,
I have a Dell Latitude D820, which i got about 2yrs ago.I do have an international warranty of 3 yrs for the same.
Yesterday suddenly, my laptop battery died out on me.This is what happened:
I was working with the laptop with it running on the battery.The battery was showing me a sufficient power. on the display in Dell Qucikset(Dell application to configure and monitor settings).Then all of a sudden the screen turned down,The battery light turned red and started blinking.I have seen this behaviour in case u run out of battery, but in this case the battery was not running low neither did i receive any low battery warnings.When i tried to start the laptop again on battery it did not power on.No activity at all.So i hooked in a AC power cable and then again tried starting it and now i could power up, the laptop.It seemed to work normally.I checked the battery status and no light was blinking.(means no charging ongoing) i tried checking through the dell quicket and it said, "System cannot communicate with the battery" i did some searching found may be it can happen if battery probes have gone dirty.I shutdown the laptop and opened the battery cleaned the probes and tried again but again nothing.Now the laptop can run only on AC power.
I have heard that battery life usually is about 2-3 yrs for laptops..Does this behaviour sound like the end for my laptop battery? I know kind of hard but can anyone please say from the description that i have mentioned above?
Seems i have misplaced my doccuments about laptop while moving over...im trying to find them..Can one please tell me if battery is covered under the warranty for the laptop?
Thanks in advance.

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Battery warranty are generally 12 months only. You'll need to contact dell, give them the Dell ID number on the back of the machine, and they'll have the details on screen for you. Ask what the warranty for the battery is, if it's in, replace. If it's out, ebay!

Good luck!

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