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[Ubuntu] How to use apturl anywhere

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Since I had a problem with sharing apturl links with my IM program, I did some googling, and here's a little guide on how to use it anywhere on the web.


AptUrl is a small software package which turns installing a program as easy as clicking on a link. It comes preinstalled on Ubuntu and works great with Firefox.

To make an apt link, all you need is the exact software package name (and it has to be in user's repositories, meaning, if you link to a piece of software in some PPA the user hasn't added, it won't be installable), and follow this scheme, it will open Ubuntu Software Center and offer installation:

So, an apt link for the game Frozen Bubble would be:
You can use it just like any other hyperlink for web-browsers and programs that support it (most notably Firefox):
<a href="apt:frozen-bubble">CLICK HERE TO INSTALL FROZEN BUBBLE</a>
THE PROBLEM Outside of Firefox, not many programs recognize apt links (even Empathy, which is Ubuntu's default IM program). Also, a lot of websites tend to ban "apt:" links and not make them work, including Neowin, so if I link to Frozen Bubble, Neowin will just ignore it: CLICK HERE TO INSTALL FROZEN BUBBLE THE SOLUTION -- just use this scheme and you can share links to software packages:
So to install Frozen Bubble:

It works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Empathy (which I tested). And now even linking on Neowin works:


Enjoy it!

You can read more about AptUrl over here.

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