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Official Xbox 360 vs. The World

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#1 Yusuf M.

Yusuf M.

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 09:18

Please use this thread to discuss why you think the Xbox 360 is better than the rest. Also, read this announcement before posting.

#2 Audioboxer


    Hermit Arcana

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  • Location: UK, Scotland

Posted 11 December 2010 - 12:23

Most active console community, cheapest HD hardware, best family friendly setup.

#3 Crisp


    To infinity and beyond

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 12:37

Party Chat.

#4 Kvally


    Neowin Veteran

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 12:39

Better games, better features, better community connectivity and better hardware.

#5 addc182


    Neowinian Senior

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Posted 11 December 2010 - 14:20

xbox live.

#6 thenaes



  • Joined: 17-November 02

Posted 11 December 2010 - 15:02

Xbox Live and their huge install base.

#7 OP Yusuf M.

Yusuf M.

  • Joined: 25-May 04
  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • OS: Windows 8.1
  • Phone: Nexus 5 (Android 4.4.2)

Posted 11 December 2010 - 15:10

One of the best things I like about the Xbox 360 is Xbox Live. Over the years, Microsoft has refined it to make it awesome. I love how I can go online, get into my favourite game, and begin inviting my friends right away. That unified social gaming experience can't be found on the PC. As for the PS3, its online features are great but not as good as the Xbox 360 (for obvious reasons). One is a paid service while the other is free.

#8 ynnoj


  • Joined: 18-February 06

Posted 11 December 2010 - 15:12

Xbox Live and the pad. Just an overall better gaming experience.

#9 neoadorable


    Neowinian Senior

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  • Location: Flyover Country/Pacific Isle

Posted 20 December 2010 - 13:49

funny thread. as for the 360, most integrated and wholesome gaming platform i've ever had. despite all the problems, i can safely say it just works. and it's also the closest in terms of technical quality to PC gaming we've ever gotten with a console, and i think PC's are still the yardstick by which technology is measured.



    Conflict Will Arise But The Faithful Will Survive

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 20:56

Kinect, Party Chat, XBL, and Gears of War. :)

#11 neoadorable


    Neowinian Senior

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 21:21

underoath lives!!!

#12 +InsaneNutter


    Neowinian Senior

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 21:36

  • The exclusive games on the 360 appeal to me... such as Gears, Halo, Heavy Weapon, Crackdown, all the Japanese shoot em up ports, Geometry Wars 2 and some of the one hit wonders such as Kameo.
  • Xbox Live is by far the best multiplayer gaming service on the internet.
  • The majority of people I know prefer to play on the 360 rather than another console or the PC.
  • Achievements make me do / explore areas of a game i might not bother with.
  • Community integration, such as the gamercard in my sig for example, comparing achievements, gamerscore and so on.
  • Kinect is getting people who would not be interested in the 360 playing, its also an innovation in its own right.
  • Cheap extender for Windows Media Center
When I originally purchased a 360 on the UK launch day the main reason was to hack it for homebrew, when such a hack become available. I had no real intention to use it as anything more as a media center extender until it was hacked.

I never expected the 360 to convert me from a die hard PC gamer who thought Xbox Live was a waste of money, to someone who now only games on the 360 and thinks Xbox Live is worth every penny.

#13 neoadorable


    Neowinian Senior

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  • Location: Flyover Country/Pacific Isle

Posted 02 January 2011 - 17:58

well said. now where's the gamerscore to go with all that enthusiasm :laugh: ?

#14 +Neo003


    Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 18:23

One score and eighteen years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new console, conceived in nerdiness and Cheetos that all consoles are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great fanboyism, testing weather that game or any game so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great COD online section of that war. We have come to dedicate a DLC map as a final resting place for those who gave their COD points that

I'm still working on it. :p :laugh:

#15 treemonster


    lol wut?

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Posted 02 January 2011 - 18:37

. That unified social gaming experience can't be found on the PC.

actually it's called steam, and it's easier there. a large fraction of games on teh pc are available on steam. the biggest splinter for pc gaming social networking is blizz vs steam, and you can still tell your steam friends you're playing a blizz game automatically everytime you launch them by adding them to steam and launching from there(i honestly wish they'd take this one step furtherand detect the .exe launch automatically from teh desktop short cut for example). and with steam i can create my own community page, add members and post, set up events, monitor members game time usage and other stats, link pics and videos, text chat, start voice chat with online members, post links to my voice chat server of choice(mumble vent ts3) all without ever launching the game first, and switchign between games i don't even have to get out of my seat, or stop voice chatting with my friends.

sorry to rain on your parade.

when i get my xbox s i am going to be refreshing myself on xbl and see if it's any easier to set up streaming from a pc running windows(7) than it was 3 years ago, when it was huge pita and siuffered from poor bit rate, large network traffic, and huge use of the the pc's reosurces to encode the stream from one format to another in real time, not to mention being dificult to set up and not exactly straight forward even with ms's own guide. i'm optimisitic given how fast and easy it was to set up streaming to my netbook, also running win7, and hearing about greater multi media integration with xbl and dashboard updates and such.

i'm also thinking of getting netflix for both my pc and my xbox. it would be nice to be able to choose wether to watch streaming media on my chair in 1080p or laying on my couch in 720p.

overall i'm pretty psyched to get the xbox, alot more so than the ps3. there's actually more than one game on xbox i'm interested in, and tbh had i known that game i bought he ps3 for was on xbox i would've got that instead.

overall for the xbox set up i spent about umm $7-800 up front not including the couch i already have. that's a 32" 720p tv, an xbox 250gb slim bundled with an extra controller, a stand for the tv and xbox, a game, ms points card, and xbl gold sub card. still cheaper than my (lower) high end pc and furniture though, admittedly.

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