An iOS-powered Rolex or a Rolex-powered iWatch? You decide

Time for some Apple iWatch pipedreams.

Rolex is a brand that screams elitism. The watches themselves are phenomenally expensive, while the company aligns itself with golfers and provides speedometer and chronograph technology for the BLOODHOUND Project, a rocket car attempting to break the land speed record within the next two years.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that someone has decided to mash up what has been suggested as Apple (whom many consider to be a very elite piece of technology) and the Rolex brands to show just what an iOS powered Rolex would look like. Or is that a Rolex powered iPhone watch thing?

Either way, the concept video from Curved shows the potential for a normal chronograph style watch that contains just enough technology to make it useable, from a social media aspect at least. Did you see the subtle placing of the camera? Couple that with the practical and quite diminutive dock/charger and this is definitely something that we could see in the not too distant future.

We must say however, Apple isn’t mentioned by name in the concept, only in the following English excerpt from the original article:

The homescreen is black and completes the "flat design" of iOS 7 with the use of the same App-icons and notifications.

So you would have to say that for the time being, this device is likely to be all Rolex. But then again, who would be providing the internal electronics and the OS for the device? Apple? Google? Microsoft?! Or would Rolex take a chance and develop their own OS?

We have no doubt that this would be a gorgeous device to look at and wear. But the obvious question is: what would it cost? That question is rhetorical. And the answer? Expensive without a doubt. The concept reminds us of the phones from Vertu, a once Nokia luxury brand that kitted out phones with, em, sparkles and leather. And who can forget Goldgenie, selling gold plated iPhones for somewhere around the £3,000 ($4,000) mark.

It's clear that there is a market for devices like this, no matter what the premium may end up to be. But maybe a smartwatch, as a general piece of technology, needs to be more widely adopted before premium technology, such as the one in the concept is being touted as the next must own device.

Source, image and video: Curved (German) | Via: Phones Review

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I think this would devalue the Rolex brand. Apple just isn't exclusive enough when you have grannies and toddlers using them.

A Rolex is a quality watch designed to last a lifetime, Apple products have a life of how long - anyone want an iPad 1 for example? By comparison a 4 year old Rolex would barely be needing a service.

Most smart watch that use lcd or oled sucks right now. You can't even see the time in brith day light we did the test + battery life sucks. To me it's a watch first, then it show you notification as information.

I own a pebble, the only thing I witch it have is a more resolution e-ink display that's all

Looks great. It's the direction this needs to go in.. a smart watch that looks like a watch, not like an iOS device strapped to your wrist. Watches like the pebble just do not appeal to me, but then they brought the more realistic one out and it looked great. shame this is only a concept.

Wall-swe said,
Just looking at the above picture, it seems to be a blatant copy of Googles smart watch OS.

I assure you that designs and development are not pull out of mid air. Most of these designs will overlap with each company base on current design paradigm.

nickcruz said,

I assure you that designs and development are not pull out of mid air. Most of these designs will overlap with each company base on current design paradigm.

Which is exactly why they rushed to get their - largely vapourware - announcement out. It's obvious where this was heading and they want to seem like they have beaten Apple to the punch. They still might if they manage to ship something usable before them. When Apple announce theirs they will at least have a fully working, functioning prototype to show.